Jumat, 13 Desember 2013

Tapered Crew Cut

Looking for short and clean cut but cool hairstyles? Old school prep is the new hipster so check out this tapered crew cut. Hair is cropped close all around with a bit more length on top. The sides are tapered down around the ears and neck in a fade. Hair is cut to no longer than half an inch long so this is an easy to wear short haircut for men with curly hair.

Even though hair is short, you can mix up the look with some product be wearing hair parted and brushed to one side, slicked back or spiked up. On the weekend, bed head is always an option too. If you have straight hair and want more more styling options, ask for an Ivy League hairstyle, which is a long version of a crew cut You’ve seen this cut on Anderson Cooper and it definitely a great option for men with grey hair.

The fade is important to get right with this cut. Show your stylist or barber a picture of what you want to ensure you get the tapered cut you want. This is a cut that may best be trusted to a barber who knows his way around the clippers.

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