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How To Control Spiky Hair?

My hair is naturally spiky and I can’t control it. If I comb my hair it never stays in the same place. Please tell me how to control spiky hair?

- Kathiresan

Hi Kathiresan,

Having hair that stands up is a common problem for men, especially those with short cuts and/or hair that is thick and coarse. The first place to start is your hair cut. Your hair could be sticking up because it’s too short and therefore too light to lie flat. Some are meant to stand up, like the crew cut and Ivy League.

When hair tends to stick up, ask your barber or stylist to find a cut that works with your hair type. Spiky hairstyles and the faux hawk are always in style so going with what your naturally wants to do is one easy option. Many men rely on products to get these looks to stand up, so you could consider yourself lucky!

The next option is to keep growing hair. Longer hair is more manageable, with extra weight that helps it stay down and more surface area for product to adhere to. With added length, you will be able to control hair by slicking it back or across or try out one of these hot hipster hairstyles.

Wearing hair longer on top looks great with an undercut, keeping sides too short to get spiky. With your type, you will need to maintain the undercut with regular visits to the barber or trim it yourself.

The final solution to your issue is hair care. Most people get out of the shower and roughly rub wet hair dry with a towel. This can cause static and frizz, making hair stand up. Instead, use an old t-shirt or microfiber towel to gently pat and squeeze water out of hair.

Blowdrying hair can prevent hair from unwanted spikes. It will only add a few minutes to your day and can make a world of difference. The key to blow drying hair is to work it the direction you want it to go.

Last but not least is product. Gels are often recommended to add or tame spikes but won’t be strong enough. An easy to use and versatile product that will work for any hairstyle you like is Sebastian Microweb Fiber. Or check out some of these best products for thick hair.

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