Rabu, 25 Desember 2013

Mens Hairstyles

Check out these 15 pictures of mens hairstyles 2013! We’ve got all the hottest looks, from slick hair to spikes to the pompadour.

If you’ve got thick hair or wavy hair, we’ve got you covered too. Just use the right product for your hair type, a strong hold wax like Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech or Sebastian Microweb Fiber.

Kamis, 19 Desember 2013

Spiked Mens Hairstyles

Spiky hair isn’t going anywhere but it has certainly evolved since the gelled flattop. For 2013, spiked mens hairstyles are tall, peaked, and matte.

This cool spiky hair requires a haircut that is longer on top than the sides so it can be styled into an wide faux hawk. To style this look, pull hair up and pinch it along the center of head.

To get this matte hairstyle that keeps thick hair up and fine hair from getting greasy, you need to use the best hair product for men. A few professional quality products are Sebastian Microweb Fiber, Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech, and label.m Matt Paste. Some comparable drugstore products include Got 2b Glued, Axe Styling Cream, and American Crew Defining Paste.

Spiked Hair for Work

Spiky hair is the signature look of punks, guidos, and bad boys throughout the decades (the Iceman!). It is a cool hairstyle for the club, black tie events, and even weddings. Here’s how to rock spiked hair for work.

Wearing short hair spiked is a masculine hairstyle that adds authority, height, and angles. David Boreanz is a great example of how this hair can be totally professional, especially when worn with a well fitted suit.

For work appropriate spiky hair, keep the sides short and the cut neat with regular trims. Hair can be longer on top but not too long.

The last key is product. Use a pomade, wax, or small amount of hair gel to pull hair straight up. The look can be textured and slightly shiny but never crunchy or greasy.

Spiky Hair 2013

Spiky hair for men never goes out of style…it just evolves. Here are 10 ways to rock spiky hair 2013 with inspiration from faux hawks, the Jersey Shore, and the runways. These cool hairstyles for men can be worn to weddings, work, or casually.

Get enough hold for long or thick hair with the best products for spiky hair:

  • Bumble and Bumble Sumo Tech
  • Sebastian Microweb Fiber
  • Got2B Glued

Jumat, 13 Desember 2013

How To Control Spiky Hair?

My hair is naturally spiky and I can’t control it. If I comb my hair it never stays in the same place. Please tell me how to control spiky hair?

- Kathiresan

Hi Kathiresan,

Having hair that stands up is a common problem for men, especially those with short cuts and/or hair that is thick and coarse. The first place to start is your hair cut. Your hair could be sticking up because it’s too short and therefore too light to lie flat. Some are meant to stand up, like the crew cut and Ivy League.

When hair tends to stick up, ask your barber or stylist to find a cut that works with your hair type. Spiky hairstyles and the faux hawk are always in style so going with what your naturally wants to do is one easy option. Many men rely on products to get these looks to stand up, so you could consider yourself lucky!

The next option is to keep growing hair. Longer hair is more manageable, with extra weight that helps it stay down and more surface area for product to adhere to. With added length, you will be able to control hair by slicking it back or across or try out one of these hot hipster hairstyles.

Wearing hair longer on top looks great with an undercut, keeping sides too short to get spiky. With your type, you will need to maintain the undercut with regular visits to the barber or trim it yourself.

The final solution to your issue is hair care. Most people get out of the shower and roughly rub wet hair dry with a towel. This can cause static and frizz, making hair stand up. Instead, use an old t-shirt or microfiber towel to gently pat and squeeze water out of hair.

Blowdrying hair can prevent hair from unwanted spikes. It will only add a few minutes to your day and can make a world of difference. The key to blow drying hair is to work it the direction you want it to go.

Last but not least is product. Gels are often recommended to add or tame spikes but won’t be strong enough. An easy to use and versatile product that will work for any hairstyle you like is Sebastian Microweb Fiber. Or check out some of these best products for thick hair.

Best Products for Spiky Hair

Spiky hair is one mens hairstyle that’s here to stay. Whether it’s inspired by soccer stars, Jersey Shore, or anime, spiky hair is fun, cool, and makes a statement. Here are the best products for spiky hair with tons of hold that also washes out.

In the past, hair gel was synonymous with spiked hair. Modern products have come a long way from the stiff, sticky, flaky versions of the past but gel is still out of favor for spiked dos.

The current product of choice is waxes and pomades. They offer the same hold and are also versatile, pliable, and are easier to wash out. Even better, you’re not limited to just spikes. Wax and pomades can be used to style any look, from slick to messy, or just keep hair in place.

1. Gatsby Moving Rubber Hair Wax

This Japanese product line is one of the top brands for creative and spiky hairstyles. Created with the goal of making any hairstyle a reality, the formula combines maximum hold and moveable texture that can be reshaped at any time. This is absolutely the best choice for coarse Asian hair or anyone with unmanageable thick hair.

The most popular formula is Spiky Edge, with maximum hold and minimum shine. It works for short hair but can also be used to style longer hair into liberty spikes, a mohawk, or any vertical hairstyle. Air Rise is formulated for medium length and longer hair and adds volume in addition to hold. If you’re looking for shine without the gloss, opt for Wild Shake.

2. TIGI Bedhead for Men

A brand to suit most hair needs, Bed Head has several options just for men. Matte Separation Wax Best Products for Spiky Hair is one of the top sellers, featuring with plenty of hold and definition with a natural matte finish. Beeswax and glycerin add style and moisture, preventing drying or flaking. This product also holds up in hot and humid weather.

Another pliable option that can be reformed throughout the day is the Bed Head Hair Wax Stick. The lightweight formula leaves no build-up and washes out easily, make it suitable for thin and fine hair. In addition to the semi-matte finish, the hint of lavender appeals to some but is a deal breaker for others.

3. Star Wax Premium Pomade

Star Wax is known for strong hold and water-soluble products that are pliable and rinse out easily. The blend of oils and herbs have a stimulating and designer fragrance. The thickest formula with the most hold is Crystal with all the shine of the original. For a matte finish with the same strong hold, there is the Star Wax Clay formula.

All of these products work for all types of straight hair, from fine to thick. For men with thick, coarse hair – if these products aren’t working for you the problem could be your haircut. Thinning out hair with some layering will make those spiked looks achievable.

How to Style Spiky Hair with Wax or Pomade

1. Place a pea-sized dab of product on the palm of one hand. Rub hands together, spreading the product evenly across the palms and between fingers until it is heated up and transparent.

2. Work the wax into hair, starting from the nape of the neck and moving up to the forehead.

3. Using fingers, work hair up. Use a comb for a precise finish or twist strands of hair between fingers for a textured look.

4. If necessary, add more wax. Always start with a small amount of wax, adding more in stages. Over-application will create greasy, chunky hair.

5. Finally, make sure to seal the jar tightly. These products dry out quickly when exposed to air.

Men’s Hair Ideas: The Quiff

The beard plus slick look has caught on like wild fire. While it’s an excellent look that works for everyone and even curly hair, it’s touch to stand out from the crowd. If  you’re looking for something different, it’s time to mine vintage hairstyles for more men’s hair ideas. Here’s an oldy but goody – the quiff.

By definition, the quiff is a combination of the 1950s era pompadour and flat top with a touch of the mohawk thrown in there too. Think James Dean, Morissey, and even Tin Tin. In recent years, the look has made a slight comeback, as seen on Macklemore.

The basic idea behind the quiff is a tall hairstyle worn with a point at the front and combed tight around the sides and back. There is plenty of variation that with this cool men’s hairstyle so the key is to make it your own. Some ways to do so is wear hair extra tall, very pointy, or super slick.

This unique look combs thick and fine hair straight up and finishing in a peak that curl over in a wave. Hair at the sides is pulled straight back with a matte product. Get the look for fine and thick hair with a clay product like Bedhead Matte Separation Wax, Jonathan Product Dirt Texturizing Paste, or Sebastian Microweb Fiber.